Specifications for

BF Avery Model V

I have researched the following information through all of the BF Avery manuals and salesman’s price books for the BF Avery line from the past years that I have worked in agricultural sales.  I also studied the differences in the BF Avery tractors that I personally own and it is my opinion that the list of years along with serial number breaks and production changes are as accurate as can be determined for these BF Avery tractors.  Cork Lemmon, Farm Implement Salesman and BF Avery Collector, May 2007

EngineHercules ZBK
Number of Cylinders4
Bore & Stroke2.625" x 3.00" (64.9 CID)
Max RPM (Governed)Drawbar 1800, Belt 1800
HorsepowerNo Nebraska Test; Estimated 10-13 hp
Idling speed500 - 800 rpm
Main Bearings3
Camshaft bearings4
StartingElectric and Manual
Clutch8" single plate
Fan Diameter13 inches
Oil FilterVortox Oil Bath
Carburetor5/8" Tillotson YC-6A
SteeringCam & lever
Cooling system typeThermo-Syphon
Cooling system capacity6 quarts
Fuel tank capacity7 gallons
Crankcase capacity3 quarts
Number of wheelsFour
Tire size - Front4.00 x 15
Tire size - Rear8.00 x 24.00
Wheel base74 inches
Overall Length105 inches
Overall width51 inches
Overall height61-1/4"
Tread40 inches
Cultivating clearance23 inches
Shipping weight1612 lbs. (appox.)
Drawbar lateral movement24 inches
Transmission capacity5 Pints without PTO 3 Quarts with PTO
Final Drive capactiy3 pints each side
Minimum turning radius9 feet
Tractor speed with governed engine 1st 2.74 mph, 2nd 3.60 mph, 3rd 7.33 mph, Reverse 3.22 mph
Belt Pulley diameter6 inches
Width of face5.5 inches
Pulley speed1990 rpm
Belt speed3100 feet per minute
P.T.O. operating speed540 rpm
P.T.O connection1-1/8 inch, type 6 spline
Wheel weights (optional item)150 lbs. each side