Serial Numbers for

Minneapolis Moline (MM) Models BF and BG

I have researched the following information through all of the BF Avery manuals and salesman’s price books for the BF Avery line from the past years that I have worked in agricultural sales.  I also studied the differences in the BF Avery tractors that I personally own and it is my opinion that the list of years along with serial number breaks and production changes are as accurate as can be determined for these BF Avery tractors.  Cork Lemmon, Farm Implement Salesman and BF Avery Collector, May 2007


Model MM BF

Year ModelSerial Number RangeSerial Number Tag Location
1952R4460 - R6537Stamped in Frame
1953R6538 - R7571 (BFW) Stamped in Frame
195457700001 - 577000358 (BFD) tag on frame, dual front wheel
195557600001 - 57600047 (BFS) S/N tag on frame, single front wheel
195658000001 - 5800150 (BFH) tag on frame, Hi-Crop

Model MM BG

Year ModelSerial Number RangeSerial Number Tag Location
1953579000010-057900600Data not available
195457900601 - 57900768Data not available
195557900769 - 57900937Data not available
195657900938 - 57901105* See NoteData not available
195757901106 - ?* See NoteData not available

*Questions still exist as to exactly when production of the BG ceased. For many years it was believed that the last BG was produced in 1955.  However, there are several creditable collectors who maintain that the BG production continued until on-hand parts were depleted after the plant in Louisville, KY was closed in 1955. These latter serial numbers were more than likely assembled at other MM facilities.