Paint Specifications

The following paint specs have been compiled by BF Avery tractor experts through several years of restoring BF Avery’s.  These are the generally acceptable paint colors since the original paint information has been lost to history because of the plant records being destroyed when BF Avery merged with Minneapolis Moline.

  • A excellent primer that is recommended can be found here:  Rust Defender

BF Avery Color Recommendations 1939 – 1952

Tractor ModelRecommended Paint Colors
BF Avery Red (Models A, V & R) Tartar Red Light NAPA 99N2569 or Candy Apple Red NAPA 99L1637, Old IHC Red before the 8630 tractor, John Deere Red
The General GG Cletrac Orange (Available from NAPA via Special Order**

** note: Early website information suggested the following colors – Martin Senour No. 99L-1952 or DuPont Dulux 017H.  The DuPont Dulux 017H color is less orange than either the NAPA Cletrac Orange or the Martin Senour color.  I painted my Generals the DuPont color and was very plesaed with it, it being close to that of my memory of these tractors as a young boy.  However, when restoring my second General, the color inside the bell housing was more orange than the DuPont color, probably being closer to that of these other two colors.  So which is correct?  Probably all fall within the range of the tractor-to-tractor variability of the original colors.  In my opinion, any of these is a good representation of the original tractors.  Eph Herriott

The following information was obtained from the Minneapolis Moline Website

Minneapolis Moline Paint Configurations (Revised 2/23/2006)

Year ModelsSheet Metal ColorPowertrain ColorWheel ColorGrillNotes
1951-1957 BFPG 2PG 2Cherry RedPG2BF Avery
1951-1957 BGPG2PG2Cherry RedPG2BF Avery
1951-1955 VPG2PG2Cherry RedPG2BF Avery

PG1First Gold Color, used in 1937-1947. Most collectors don’t use this color
PG2Prarie Gold used on most Letter Series and 335/445/5 Star. Most common prairie Gold
PG3Last Prarie Gold used on GVI, M5, 4Star. Slightly Browner Prairie Gold
YellowUsed on Latest MM's This is an Industrial Yellow
Late RedSame as Cockshutt Red, used on some tractors after 1968
Implement RedUsed on early implements
Cherry RedRed used on Early tractor wheels and grills
Dyna Brown Used from 1962-1967 Primarily on Powertrain components
Bronz Metallic Used from 1959 -1961 Primarily on Powertrain components
Gray MetallicUsed on the powertrains of some industrial tractors

Note: Due to special orders, regional exceptions, and day to day manufacturing variation, many tractors varied from the color configurations listed above