BF Avery Collectors & Associates Club History

B. F. Avery Collectors & Associates is a nonprofit organization founded in July of 1994 and dedicated to the collection, exhibiting, restoration and preservation of tractors, implements, engines, horse drawn equipment and various other items of historical value manufactured by BF Avery & Sons of Louisville, KY.  Also included in the BF Avery family are several closely related tractors, viz., The General by Cletrac, Wards Twin Row, and Minneapolis Moline Models BF and BG.   BF Avery Collectors & Associates members receive a bi-monthly newsletter with information on shows and pulls, classified ads and other related interests. BF Avery Collectors & Associates evolved from a loose knit organization known as the Tru-Draft Registry which was founded and managed by Mike Woebkenberg of Farmersville, OH.  Negotiations to continue using the original name failed and the new name BF Avery Collectors & Associates was selected.  Original officers of BF Avery Collectors & Associateswere Wayne Bowers, Horseheads, NY, President; Ron Goller, Defiance, OH, Vice-President; Greg Phillips, Paxton, IL, Sec-Treas.  There were approximately 246 members that came over from the Tru-Draft Registry and were grandfathered into the BF Avery Collectors & Associates.

At the summer 1995 business meeting at Mt. Gilead, OH an advisory committee consisting of two members was put before the membership.  The motion passed and Dale Avery and Robert Nash were elected to serve the first term as officers of the BF Avery Collectors & Associates.