Serial Numbers for

BF Avery Model V

I have researched the following information through all of the BF Avery manuals and salesman’s price books for the BF Avery line from the past years that I have worked in agricultural sales.  I also studied the differences in the BF Avery tractors that I personally own and it is my opinion that the list of years along with serial number breaks and production changes are as accurate as can be determined for these BF Avery tractors.  Cork Lemmon, Farm Implement Salesman and BF Avery Collector, May 2007

  • Serial Number is stamped on top of frame rail adjacent to right hand side (looking forward) of flywheel bell housing (opposite side from starter)
  • Engine serial number is stamped on a plate attached to left side of engine block.
  • All model V’s were originally equipped with a Hercules engine.

Each BF Avery tractor was carefully manufactured, to enable it to give the very best service.  Some owners secure better results than orders for they realize that it is their responsibility to understand their tractor and then to care for it properly. ”  source: BF Avery Model V Service Manual

model-V-engine-sn-loc model-v-sn-location

Year ModelSerial Number RangeModel Notes
19461V005 - 1V143 1V005 -1V076 Cast Iron Grill
19471V144 - 2V576
19482V577 - 4V490
19494V491 - 5V500
19505V501 - 6V206 Wide Front End Introduced
19516V207 - 6V421
19526V422 -7V271*
Note:*There is some speculation that production of the Model V was continued through 1955 with ending serial number of 8V121. However, the common theory is that production by Avery ceased in 1952