Upcoming Meetings and Shows

  • 2021 Winter Meeting: Liberty, Kentucky
  • 2021 Summer Show: LaGrange, Indiana
  • 2022 Winter Meeting: Need a host
  • 2022 Summer Show: Mansfield, Ohio
  • 2023 Winter Meeting: Need a host
  • 2023 Summer Show: Osgood, Indiana
  • 2024 Winter Meeting: Need a host
  • 2024 Summer Show: Greenville, Ohio

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About Eph Herriott

I grew up on a South Branch of the Potomac River valley farm in West Virginia. I have been fortunate to have restored several of the tractors I spent many hours driving on the farm, namely, two Generals, one bought new by my father in 1940 and the second he bought used in the early 1950's, and a 1951 Farmall Super C he bought new. All are retired as am I. Antique tractors are one of my passions.