MM Model BF Featured on US Farm Report

The US Farm Report airs Saturdays on The Agweb which is an internet news show covering the agricultural events of the week and is hosted by John Phillips. One of the features on the show is the spotlighting of antique tractors. The clip shown below features a Minneapolis Moline Model BF owned by Rick Kiser, of Oak Harbor, Washington.  As the clip explains, the Minneapolis Moline BF was produced by BF Avery in Louisville, KY after the two companies merged.  The BF was actually an existing tractor line that BF Avery had sold under the BF Avery Model R branding.  Minneapolis Moline actually re-branded the R to the model BF due to the fact that Minneapolis Moline already had a model R in their production line of tractors.

The Minneapolis Moline Mode BF was sold in 1950 – 1951 and featured a Hercules IX-3SL 4 cylinder gasoline powered engine.  The tractor weighed in at a hefty 2,725 pounds which was  heavy two row tractor capable of pulling one 16″ breaking plow or a two bottom 12″ breaking plow.  The Model BF was sold in three configurations; a single wheel front end, a dual wheel front end and an adjustable width wide front end.  According to sources we’ve talked with, the most commonly found Minneapolis Moline is the single wheel front end configuration.

The Minneapolis Moline Model BF is one of the four recognized models that the BF Avery National Tractor Club  represents.  Several the the BF Avery Club member have collected and restored both the BF Avery Model R and the Minneapolis Moline Model BF.  The BF Avery brand is one of the lesser know classic tractors and are always a large crowd pleaser when displayed at tractor shows.

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As a contributing Editor to the BF Avery National Tractor Club's Quarterly Newsletter I have written about a wide range of topics in my column The Kracked Head Update, covering the BF Avery Company's history, tractors and equipment. I have attended many Antique Tractor Shows and talked with exhibitors about their passion for the BF Avery brand, Personally I own a 1948 BF Avery Model V that was purchased by my father around 1950.
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