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Florence, Alabama – Back in my November 28th, 2013 post “BF Avery Sales Video & other musings“, I promised to get the video’s uploaded to the website, well I’m happy to report that I completed that task today.

Here is the history on the filmstrips again just in case you missed it the first time around;

At the last 2010  Spring show in Auburn, IN, Connie Lemmons was playing a VHS tape copy of a series of BF Avery filmstrips that were produced in 1941.  It was a selling tool that a BF Avery dealer would use to help sell the new BF Avery Tru-Draft outfit.  The tractor in the filmstrips are about BF Avery “The General” and the implements designed for it.  The BF Avery filmstrips were accompanied by a sound track that was on 16” diameter 33-1/3 rpm record.  The BF Avery dealer had to purchase a special projector with a built in record player on the top of it.  No doubt when this outfit was offered to the BF Avery dealers that it was quite expensive and with the war going on, extra cash for luxuries like this was hard to come by.

According to information added to the end of the tape by the fellow that Connie bought it from, he found it down in Texas sometimes in the middle nineties.  The BF Avery video tape had a date of December, 1998 on it.  I would surmise that it may be the only remaining BF Avery sales outfit like this since no one has seen another.

I divided the filmstrips into three uploads, be sure to continue watching the 3rd video when it hits the black screens at about the half way point, there is more of the presentation.

More Power to You BF Avery filmstrip Part 1 of 3 ; BF Avery Tractor filmstrip Part 2 of 3 ; BF Avery Tractor filmstrip Part 3 of 3

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