About Eph Herriott

I grew up on a South Branch of the Potomac River valley farm in West Virginia. I have been fortunate to have restored several of the tractors I spent many hours driving on the farm, namely, two Generals, one bought new by my father in 1940 and the second he bought used in the early 1950's, and a 1951 Farmall Super C he bought new. All are retired as am I. Antique tractors are one of my passions.

2020 Summer Show

Our 2020 Summer Show will be held in Penfield, IL July 9-12. Here are the preliminary details. More details will follow as they become available. … [Read more...]

2020 Winter Meeting

Our Winter Meeting is in Auburn, Indiana from March 12th to 14th. Our host, The Farm Power Club, would like a few tractors as in the past. They would like the tractors inside the arena no later then Wednesday, but said they would let anyone coming on Thursday in. We will meet Friday night for a Club Banquet at a restaurant in the area (to be announced at the show – no reservation ahead of time, it will be a group pay your own kind of get-together. We will have our annual Meeting at 10:00am Saturday morning, (Directors meeting at 9:00am). The Club Secretary position and 1 Trustee are … [Read more...]

Upcoming Meetings and Shows

2020 Winter Meeting: Auburn, Indiana 2020 Summer Show: Penfield, Illinois 2021 Winter Meeting: Liberty, Kentucky 2021 Summer Show: LaGrange, Indiana 2022 Winter Meeting: Need a host 2022 Summer Show: Mansfield, Ohio 2023 Winter Meeting: Need a host 2023 Summer Show: Osgood, Indiana 2024 Winter Meeting: Need a host 2024 Summer Show: Greenville, Ohio See the detailed Schedule. … [Read more...]