2019 Winter Meeting

B.F. Avery & Associates 2019 Winter Show March 9-10, 2019

Hosted By
Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association
1590 E. Dutchman Blvd. Rodeo Park Apache Junction, Arizona

B.F. Avery Collectors and Associates will be a guest of the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association. This show will have many different kinds of tractors and engines to see. Check out the website and facebook page: https://aedgeta.org/  and https://www.facebook.com/AEDGETA

Start planning now for a trip out west. Charles and Karen Cure are B.F. Avery members who want to share their Tractor Show with our Club. You could make it a long vacation, enjoying the trip and visiting all kinds of landmarks or if you choose to fly – Phoenix is about a half hour away. Alligent Airlines flies into Apache Junction at an old air base.

There are two hotels in Apache Junction (Best Western & Motel 6), but the towns in the area all run together (Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix) on one main highway filled with loads of hotels, etc. During the winter and early spring the population of the area goes up to 90,000 plus – hopefully by March population will go down to locals (about 35,000). Charles says that three main kinds of people live in the area: SnowFlakes (that visit), Snow Birds (that stay the winter) and just plain Frogs (that are there year round or till they croak).

There are several campgrounds, including a KOA and camping on the show grounds. There is a big Rodeo that happens during the show and there will be 200 plus of all kinds of tractors and engines. Give Charles Cure a call (602-703-7615) or e-mail him (thecures@thecures.com) if you have any questions.

The Annual Get Together and meeting place will be in the Trailer Park where Charles Cure lives (2465 2nd Ave Apache Junction, AZ 85119) on March 9, 2019. The Annual Meeting will be at 5:00 pm March 9, 2018 at a building on the Trailer Park Site. We will have a “Banquet” at a restaurant after the Annual Meeting (where is to be determined – but close by)., Everyone will be able to get whatever you want off the menu.

You will be able to visit the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association show (at the address above) whenever you want to go during the weekend or just “hang out” at the meeting site – they aren’t far away from each other.

Club History:  The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association was founded in 1979.  It is a non-profit incorporated organization which started with 13 founding members and has now grown to more than 450  family members from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, and Canada.  AEDGE&TA currently has 3 shows every year.  A family oriented organization, AEDGE&TA plans activities for all ages.  We want to preserve some of our heritage by passing on the interest down to the younger generation.  The events allow club members to show off their fine collections.  Antique tractors are pulled for percentage and some classics and garden tractors are pulled for exhibition.  In addition to the tractor pulls and engine displays, there are contests with the equipment, silent auctions, demonstrations of early farming (including threshing and hay baling), craft shows, hayrides, and pedal tractor rides and other activities of all kinds.  We invite everyone from all over this great country to come to our events. Members share a common interest in restoring engines, tractors and related equipment from the turn of the century.  This type of collecting and restoration has become increasingly popular in all parts of the country, where clubs have been formed and publications dedicated to the preservation of our mechanical heritage have emerged.​  Many old pieces of farm equipment have been rescued from the junk pile only to appear in one of our shows restored to their original condition.  In most cases, the restoration is made difficult by years of rust and neglect.  Often parts must be located or made and many hours of careful work are necessary before the final coat of paint is dry.  The restorer is rewarded by the feeling of pride when the engine is started and the old iron comes to life again.

See the flyer Apache Junction 2019 Show.

About Eph Herriott

I grew up on a South Branch of the Potomac River valley farm in West Virginia. I have been fortunate to have restored several of the tractors I spent many hours driving on the farm, namely, two Generals, one bought new by my father in 1940 and the second he bought used in the early 1950's, and a 1951 Farmall Super C he bought new. All are retired as am I. Antique tractors are one of my passions.