B.F. Avery & Associates 2019 Winter Show March 9-10, 2019

Hosted By
Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association
1590 E. Dutchman Blvd. Rodeo Park Apache Junction, Arizona

B.F. Avery Collectors and Associates will be a guest of the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association. This show will have many different kinds of tractors and engines to see. Check out the website and facebook page: https://aedgeta.org/  and https://www.facebook.com/AEDGETA

Start planning now for a trip out west. Charles and Karen Cure are B.F. Avery members who want to share their Tractor Show with our Club. You could make it a long vacation, enjoying the trip and visiting all kinds of landmarks or if you choose to fly – Phoenix is about a half hour away. Alligent Airlines flies into Apache Junction at an old air base.

There are two hotels in Apache Junction (Best Western & Motel 6), but the towns in the area all run together (Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix) on one main highway filled with loads of hotels, etc. During the winter and early spring the population of the area goes up to 90,000 plus – hopefully by March population will go down to locals (about 35,000). Charles says that three main kinds of people live in the area: SnowFlakes (that visit), Snow Birds (that stay the winter) and just plain Frogs (that are there year round or till they croak).

There are several campgrounds, including a KOA and camping on the show grounds. There is a big Rodeo that happens during the show and there will be 200 plus of all kinds of tractors and engines. Give Charles Cure a call (602-703-7615) or e-mail him (thecures@thecures.com) if you have any questions.